Kate is a 20 year old Singer-Songwriter based in Chicago and Orange County.
In High School, Kate began writing and releasing singles, and eventually, her first solo album "Lonely" went live on her last day at home in Illinois before leaving for college. Soon after, in a very makeshift dorm room setup at Chapman University, Kate wrote, recorded, and produced "Hurry" (single), and "Dearest Midwest" (EP).
During the pandemic, Kate has been working on and experimenting with new sounds. She released her newest album "Growing up in Reverse." that features "You ft. Jordan Lebowitz," "Future Dropout," and "Dream Canyon" (EP) within the span of four months. 
Currently, Kate is working on her third album, leading off the highly anticipated single, "Exless," soon to be released on April 12.
After just one day on TikTok, the love letter to the perpetually single received 2 million views, 6 thousand Spotify pre-saves, and increased Kate's follower count by 10 thousand. 
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